Feeding & Application

"It didn't used to be that either..." Statements like this are heard again and again in relation with the usage of supplementary feeds. That is absolutely correct - but every day there are new scientific insights int he field of human and veterinary medicine, which enable us to better understand the complex processes of the body and thus also to contribute directly to maintaining health and recovery.

The modern riding horse has to fulfill completely different tasks than its relatives in the wild: it is faced with physical and psychological challenges that no longer have much in common with life of the wild horses. In addition the usage in high performance sports, feeding is an important factor in keeping the animals healthy. Cultivated pasture and hay areas, for example, hardly offer the variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that the (sport) horse urgently needs to remain productive and healthy.

Therefore, an individual feeding with supplements is useful and even necessary for many horses. It is important to decide what each horse needs individually: The feed should always be tailored to its age, breed, performance level and any health problems. We would be happy to advise you individually which supplements are suitable for your horse.

Feeding horses is a complex subject and can quickly become overwhelming.
The feed should always be tailored to age, breed, level of performance and any health problems.

You can use our product finder for an initial overview: In just two clicks, it takes you to a suitable selection of products that can support your horse.

Of course, our expert advice is also available to you. We respond individually to your request and the needs of your horse.
You can answer many questions about your horse in the consultation form so that our team of veterinarians and experts can get as accurate a picture of your horse and the problem as possible.

The feeding time is less important than the regularity.
All of our supplements only need to be administered once a day. Here it is ideal if the feeding time is roughly the same - e.g. always in the morning or in the evening.
If you want to split the daily dose into several small portions, you are welcome to do so. However, it is not necessary to achieve the optimal effect.

Yes - different supplements can be combined with each other and fed at the same time, as long as they do not contradict each other in terms of their area of ​​action (e.g. calmers and energy boosters).

However, there are ingredients that influence each other's effects or that block absorption by the body. An example of this are e.g. calcium and zinc: Products with a high calcium content inhibit the effect of zinc. Such products should therefore be fed as far apart as possible. Corresponding information on this can be found in our feeding recommendations for each product.

When developing our supplements, we attach great importance to a high level of acceptance and always check whether the supplements can be used without any additonal feeding. However, all of our supplements can also be offered with concentrated feed, muesli or a small portion of mash. When feeding with mash, the supplement comes
into the bowl just before serving, to protect the sensitive ingredients from the preparation with hot water.
Alternatively, all products in liquid form (liquids) can also be administered directly into the horse's mouth via syringe.
All of our supplements can be administered directly in the recommended dosage. From a health point of view, the horse does not need any time to get used to feeding our products.

Unfortunately, despite clever recipes, we cannot prevent some natural raw materials from having a very intense smell or taste and therefore being bitter, salty or spicy.
We try to avoid flavorings and sweeteners as far as possible - but this also means that the supplements are initially treated with some skepticism by the horse.

Many horses react to unfamiliar smells and tastes by refusing food - but they usually get used to it very quickly. Feeding concentrated feed, muesli or mash can be helpful for finicky horses, into which only small amounts of the supplement are mixed initially. In our long-term tests, 92% of all customer horses got used to the new additional feed after a few days and eat it completely.

Unless explicitly stated as cure treatment, all of our supplements are suitable for long-term integration into the daily feeding routine and can be fed permanently. In particular, our support products for nervous horses, horses with chronic joint diseases, allergies and skin problems or with hormonal disorders have been developed for long-term feeding.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to take a regular break of two to three weeks after a few months of continuous feeding before starting again.
"As much as necessary, as little as possible": A pause is used, among other things, to check whether feeding the supplement is still necessary or whether the dosage can be adjusted.

Ideally, all supplements should be protected from the sun and stored as dark as possible.
Opened liquid products should be used up quickly after opening. When not in use, these can also be kept in the fridge for a short time during the summer.
Products in powder form should be carefully sealed to protect from moisture.

The BBD always refers to the last day of the month.
A product is not necessarily inedible after the best-before date has expired. From this point on, however, the consistency and appearance of the product can change, and vitamins and minerals can gradually evaporate and no longer have the usual effect.

Tournaments & Doping

Higher, faster, further: The demands for performance in equestrian sport are constantly increasing. To ensure fair competition and in order to protect the horse from performance-enhancing substances, strict control rules have been introduced for the use of animal feed and medicines in sport: some ingredients in animal feed are completely forbidden, while others are only permitted up to a certain percentage.

In Germany the "Anti-Doping and Drug Control Rules" (ADMR) of the German Equestrian Federation (FN) apply. In international competitions, these rules are determined by the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI). The two regulations differ and sometimes allow or ban different substances.

The focus of our supplements lies in the combination of effective raw materials that are nevertheless doping-free, so that feeding them cannot lead to a rule conflict. It is always important that the feeding recommendations for each product are followed exactly.

Already knew? 80% of our product portfolio is completely doping-free - even according to both ADMR and FEI rules!

Waiting periods usually describe a waiting time or blocking period.
In connection with feed, the waiting period defines the time during which the feed could cause a positive doping result in a control.

Some ingredients can have a strong performance-enhancing or stimulating effect and are therefore prohibited in national and international competitions.
The waiting period is given in hours (usually 24 to 94 hours) and indicates how long before a sporting tournament the product may no longer be fed.

A supplement with a waiting period of 48 hours should therefore no longer be administered two days before the tournament. During this period, the horse excretes the active ingredients naturally, so that they are no longer detectable in the blood or urine, or only in very small and permissible amounts.
Our popular shoots are intended for one-time, short-term use and are therefore ideal for use during tournaments and competitions.

The ingredients are specially designed to be absorbed and metabolized by the horse within a short time. We recommend feeding about 2-3 hours before the planned use.

Good to know: All our shoots are of course doping-free (FEI & ADMR tested).

Purchase & Payment

Du kannst deine Bestellung bequem mit PayPal, Kreditkarte oder per Rechnung mit Klarna bezahlen. Deine Bestellung ist direkt für den Versand freigegeben und wird meist innerhalb von nur einem Werktage an die versendet.
Du kannst deine Bestellung auch per Banküberweisung via "Sofort" zahlen. Die Freigabe deiner Zahlung dauert bis zu 3 Werktage. Wenn du es eilig hast, wähle bitte eine der oben genannten Zahlungsmethoden.

We ship our products with the logistics company DHL, which delivers your products to your door from Monday to Saturday. Depending on the payment method and place of residence, shipping within Germany takes about 2-3 working days.
Orders from other EU countries have a delivery time of up to 8 working days.

Orders received before 11 a.m. and paid for directly are usually shipped the same day.
If you need your products urgently, avoid paying in advance by classic bank transfer: this usually takes up to 48 hours longer.

For each order you will receive a tracking link by email so that you can track your products live. If you have not received a link from us, this may be due to an incorrectly entered e-mail address.
Please contact our support - we will be happy to provide information on where your package is currently located.

Returns& Guarantees

Have you changed your mind? No problem.
You have the option of returning your ordered, unused goods to us within 14 days of delivery.
The DHL returns label is free of charge for you and can be used in any DHL store.
For each return we charge a service fee of  4.99 €, which will be deducted from your refund.

To return, follow the instructions on this page:

Please note that supplements can only be returned unopened and with its seal intact.
Incrediwear Equine products are subject to strict hygiene rules and therefore have a limited right of return. Products cannot be exchanged/refunded once the product has been unpacked and already tested in the stable. We ask for your understanding.
Your return will be processed immediately after receipt in our warehouse.
Depending on the volume of the package, a refund may take up to 10 working days.
We will refund your money minus the service fee  to the payment account used when ordering.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact our support team.

Incrediwear Equine products are subject to strict hygiene rules and therefore have a limited right of return. Products cannot be exchanged/refunded once the product has been unpacked and already tested in the stable.

To protect our customers' horses, we want to avoid selling products that have already had contact with the horse's leg and could possibly transmit diseases.
We ask for your understanding.
Oh dear, that shouldn't have happened! Unfortunately, it can happen again and again that something breaks with the large number of packages that are sent around the world every day.

We will help you as soon as possible:
Please contact our support team with your name, ideally your order number and photos of the damaged goods.
It's a pity that our recipes didn't convince your horse.
We offer money back options if your horse is unconvinced to try our supplements.

Simply take a look at our "Gourmet Guarantee" information page and follow the instructions there.