brand philosophy

The vet at your side.

We are your reliable partner for scientifically sound and needs-based supplementary feed: Developed by veterinarians - loved by horses.

As a veterinary brand with a direct connection to one of the largest equine clinics in Europe, we have daily insight into the most diverse cases and patient histories. For more than 15 years, we have therefore known first-hand which problems and diseases affect modern sport and leisure horses - and also what worries this can cause you in the daily care of your horse.
Our team - consisting of more than 35 veterinarians from the Lüsche Animal Clinic and the ESS feed experts - is in constant contact with international partners and colleagues and is always up to date with the latest developments in the field of modern horse feeding thanks to extensive training and studies. This knowledge naturally flows into the development of all our products.

All that glitters is not gold…

The almost infinite selection of different feeds and supplements on today's market presents you as a horse owner with the great challenge of making exactly the right choice for your horse's problem.
We deliberately distance ourselves from aggressive, colorful marketing strategies and dubious advertising claims - even permanent discount battles and dumping prices do not correspond to our understanding of high-quality and responsibly produced products. In the field of horse health, neither compromises should be made in terms of quality and effectiveness, nor should false promises be made. We do not offer miracle cures - but highly effective supplements!

Effective recipes & gentle formulation

Our range consists of modern, scientifically manufactured products that support your horse's health in the long term. We rely on highly effective & pure ingredients while at the same time formulating the recipes as gently as possible: As much as necessary - as little as possible!
In doing so, we consider the "patient horse" as a whole: The feeding of supplementary feed should always be consistent with a needs-based and health-promoting basic care of the horse.

Understandable & easy to use

It is particularly important to us that we, as the horse owner, can convey the complex feeding topic as simply and understandably as possible to you. Not every horse lover can be a specialist in all areas of feeding knowledge - medical progress in the field of feeding is developing too quickly for that.
Our veterinarians and feed experts are therefore always available to answer all your questions and will be happy to recommend products that are individually tailored to your horse and its problem.