Gourmet Guarantee

Have you always wanted to test products from our range, but have a "fpicky" horse at home? No problem - we are convinced of our recipes and therefore guarantee you full satisfaction or refund you the purchase price of your product.

When developing our supplements, the main focus is on a high level of feed acceptance. High-quality, digestible ingredients, combined with the expertise of our veterinarians and careful bottling in regional factories, make our promise possible: Satisfied or your money back!

How can I use the gourmet guarantee?

You have two options to choose from:

1. You will be refunded your purchase amount of the product.
2. You will receive a voucher code worth up to €100

✓ Product value up to 1 - 50 € will receive a 50 € voucher
✓ Product value 51 - 75 € receives a 75 € voucher
✓ Product value up to 76 - 100 € will receive a 100 € voucher.

Which products can I return?

You can return any supplements purchased here in the shop if they meet the following criteria:
    ✓ the date of delivery is not older than 21 days
    ✓ the remaining level of the product is not less than 50%
    ✓ you bought this product for the first time

    The following products are excluded from the gourmet guarantee:
    ESS Relax Shoot, ESS Fresh Up Shoot, ESS Level Up Shoot, ESS Abdominal Shoot & Airlight Plus.

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