Incrediwear Equine Wraps

✓ for effective regeneration & recovery
✓ promote blood circulation and lymphatic flow
✓ support during pit rest & transport
✓ long wearing times without heat build-up / compression
✓ can be used at any time - without any batteries
✓ set of 2 wraps

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Revolutionary recovery during rest & transport: Incrediwear Equine Wraps

Intense training, heavy use, thick legs, inflammation and injuries:
For all regeneration and healing processes, the horse's body needs more nutrients in the affected tissue in order to restore performance and repair tissue damage.
This applies both to phases after intensive stress through training or competitions, as well as in the case of acute injuries, inflammation or similar.
Increased blood flow allows for faster delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen to surrounding tissues which can have a positive impact on recovery time.

Advantages of a well-perfused tissue:

  • improved nutrient and oxygen transport
  • shortened recovery and regeneration times
  • Faster healing of swellings and bruises
  • body's own fight against inflammation
  • reduces the risk of injury

How does Incrediwear Equine work?

The Incrediwear-Technology: The body's own bio-physics
The semiconductors germanium & carbon, which are woven into the material, form the basis of the special Incrediwear Equine Technology. These take advantage of a simple bio-physical effect: when they come into contact with body heat, negatively charged ions are activated, which cause the body's own cells to vibrate and thus increase blood flow - without any rechargeable batteries or additional heat sources. Easy to put on and infinitely reusable.

Improved lymph flow: No more swollen legs
The flow of lymph fluid is also stimulated in the same way by the special fabric. The equine lymphatic system is very vulnerable: lack of exercise, severe weather changes and illness can lead to fluid build-up in the limbs which increases the pressure on tendons, ligaments and muscles. Poor lymph flow can significantly limit effective recovery and regeneration.

No compression - no heat build-up
Incrediwear Equine products deliberately avoid creating additional heat or compression. This enables a particularly long wearing time, which is a great advantage, especially during stall rest or longer transports.
The special Incrediwear material reliably transports heat away to the outside - the fur and the fabric appear warm, while the temperature in the deep tissue remains demonstrably constant.
For this reason, the products are also suitable for use in acute inflammation without additionally catalyzing the processes with heat.

When does my horse need Incrediwear Wraps?

Incrediwear Equine pads are suitable for horses that (due to injury) stand in a stall position part or all day or are transported for long periods and therefore have a high risk of fluid accumulation in the limbs.
In addition, the pads are suitable for promoting healing in the case of acute diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Applicable to:

  • to support tendons and ligaments
  • for general promotion of blood circulation
  • for general promotion of lymph flow
  • in case of tendon irritation / tendon damage
  • in arthrosis & arthritis
  • for fissures and bone problems
  • with heavy loads on the limbs
  • for swollen legs / lymphatic congestion
  • with insufficient horn growth
  • in small to medium-sized galls
  • for injuries, sprains, bruises, inflammation, etc.
  • for general wellness use
  • ideal for pit rest and long downtimes
  • ideal for transport
  • ideal for long wearing times of up to 24 hours a day
  • and much more...


Produkt Informationen

Wash warm or cold on a gentle cycle - up to a maximum of 40° .
Spread flat to dry. Do not spin dry, bleach, iron or dry clean.

Remove coarse dirt, dust and dirt after use.

Like all other leg protection products, Incrediwear Equine products are subject to natural wear and tear. Heavy kicking, improperly processed horseshoe nails, sharp-edged irons or biting can damage the product.
If this results in smaller holes in the fabric, they can be patched without any problems - the effectiveness is not impaired.

77% Polyester (Germanium & Carbon woven in)
32% foam filling
10% gum
8% nylon
2% spandex

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Customer Reviews

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Hat sich beim Sehnenschaden meines Wallachs sehr bewährt. Die wochenlange Stehzeit war damit gut überbrückbar und wir konnten sogar früher wieder ins Training starten. Habe mir jetzt auch noch die Bandagen geholt, denn ich bin sehr überzeugt.


Bei angeschwollenen Beinen sehr gut! Nur zu empfehlen!

Sehr gut bei Boxenruhe

Super bei Boxenruhe dank Sehnenschaden. Halten die Beine schön klar und schlank. Gestern wurde geschallt und der TA sieht super Fortschritte. Danke Incrediwear!

Sie sind Ihr Geld wert

Ich habe lange gezögert zu investieren, aber sie sind das Geld wirklich mehr als wert. Auf unseren Reisen haben sie die Transportgamaschen schon dauerhaft ersetzt.
Zweimal hatte mein Pferd sich verletzt und sofort eine Einschussreaktion entwickelt. Incrediwear hat das super hinbekommen und das Bein war am nächsten Morgen völlig normal. Das ist wirklich faszinierend und hat uns schon viele gesundheitliche Zipperlein erspart.

Für mich die besten Stallbandagen

Ich habe die Bandagierunterlagen vor einem Jahr zur Unterstützung bei einem Sehnenschaden gekauft und die ersten 3 Monate täglich fast 24/7 genutzt. Danach als Schutz auf dem Paddock. Sie rutschen nicht, halten super und man kann sie problemlos lange am Pferd haben weil sich kein Hitzstau darunter bildet. Ich hatte ja einmal für eine Nacht Gamaschen drauf und meine Stute hat direkt einen Einschuss durch die Wärme bekommen. Auch zum Transport super geeignet. Man sollte aber lange Stallbandagen verwenden und die Unterlagen wirklich festziehen damit sie nicht rutschen. Waschen war ebenfalls kein Problem.