Manuka Vet Honey

✓ natural, antibiotic-free care product
✓ certified Manuka honey from New Zealand
✓ for the care of small & large wounds
✓ very well suited for Mauke
✓ Doping-free - FEI & ADMR compliant

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Natural wound care from New Zealand: Manuka Vet

Honey has been known as a natural remedy for humans and animals for centuries. Applied externally, it supports the healing of injuries and wounds.
W hen the bee seals the nectar in her hive comb, a series of processes begin within the nectar leading to the formation of methylglyoxal (MGO). Methylglyoxal is known for its antibacterial properties and is therefore well suited for wound healing.
Commercially available honey only has a very low concentration of MGO. Due to the unique combination of a special nectar of South Sea myrtle and the climatic conditions in their homeland (New Zealand and Australia), the so-called "Manuka honey" has a hundredfold MGO.

In modern science, the concentration of MGO has only been studied in more detail for a few years. Since its effective effect on wound healing has been known, Manuka honey has been a popular supplement in naturopathy and medicine.

How does Manuka Vet Honey work?

The special Manuka honey protects the wound, supports the body's own wound cleansing and promotes the healing process. The viscous honey forms a film on the injured area, which can form a barrier against external influences and prevents the affected skin areas from drying out too quickly - the risk of permanent scarring can be reduced as a result.
Its high sugar and MGO content supports the formation of cleansing wound exudate, which can reduce the multiplication of germs.

When does my horse need Manuka Vet honey?

Manuka Vet Honey can be used as a cream (350+ medium MGO concentration) for minor, superficial injuries, or as a gel (500+ high MGO concentration) for severe injuries and deeper wounds.

350+ MGO applicable to:

  • in case of abrasions
  • for superficial injuries
  • for dry, cracked skin
  • at Mauke

500+ MGO applicable to:

  • in case of abrasions
  • for superficial injuries
  • for dry, cracked skin
  • at Mauke
  • for deep wounds after bleeding has stopped
  • in stitched wounds
  • in surgical wounds

Produkt Informationen

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Apply a thin layer to the affected area and reapply if necessary.
The honey can be applied under dressings or bandages.

Composition Manuka Vet 350+ MGO:
80% Mānuka honey with a methylglyoxal content of +350 mg/kg, 18% lanolin, 2% vegetable oils (citronella and rosemary)

Composition Manuka Vet 500+ MGO:
100% Mānuka honey with a methylglyoxal content of +500 mg/kg

This product is 100% doping-free (tested according to FEI / ADMR control guidelines).

Customer Reviews

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Super bei Verletzungen und Wunden

Ich nutze den Honig bei sämtlichen größeres und kleineren Verletzungen und bin begeistert. Die Wunden heilen deutlich besser und bleiben langfristig geschmeidig. Das Produkt ist sehr ergiebig.

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