ESS Air Active

ESS Air Active

✓ supports the lung function
✓ with high-quality herbal extracts
✓ can improve gas exchange
✓ promotes performance under stress
✓ doping-free - FEI & ADMR tested

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Take a deep breath: ESS Air Active

A healthy lung function is the basic requirement for constant performance, especially for intensively trained (sport) horses.
According to studies, however, more than half of all horses in Europe tend to have respiratory and lung restrictions. Horses that are kept in boxes/stables most time of the day are particularly affected.
Frequent symptoms of deficits in the respiratory function are not coughing or congestion but a drop in performance, lack of fitness, reluctance to exercise and a generally higher risk of infection.

In the wild, horses eat a variety of different herbs that can have a positive effect on the lungs, bronchi and the entire breathing system and therefore rarely show infections. Slight irritation, coughing and congestion can be alleviated naturally by taking the herbs.
Due to their husbandry, many horses can no longer take in these important herbs from the pasture or hay provided. As a result, horses have a less efficient lung - the gas exchange in the lungs is not optimal and significantly reduces vitality, resilience and endurance.

How does ESS Air Active work?

ESS Air Active contains a carefully balanced blend of herbs (thyme, chestnut, chamomile, fennel, anise) that can help support lung function, reduce the risk of respiratory infections and alleviate minor irritations.
The tasty liquid was specially developed for doping-free use under intense stress and is therefore also suitable for horses during active competition to support their performance.

When does my horse need ESS Air Active?

ESS Air Active is suitable for horses of all ages and performance levels that need respiratory and lung support. The liquid can be administered briefly as an intensive cure to counteract the first irritations and infections. As an integral part of daily feeding it can also improve long-term gas exchange under stress, increase performance and counteract future respiratory problems.

Applicable to:

  • respiratory restrictions
  • light cough
  • mild allergies
  • irritation of the respiratory tract
  • lack of performance and condition
  • intensive (endurance) training
  • high risk of infections
  • for prevention in horses kept in boxes
  • for prevention in case of heavy dust exposure
  • for prevention in wet and cold weather
  • to support well-being


Produkt Informationen

Wissen was drin ist: Wir setzen auf hochkonzentrierte Wirkstoffe, um die tägliche Fütterungsmenge so niedrig wie möglich zu halten. So kommst du lange mit deinem Produkt aus.

Large horses: 35 - 50 ml per day
(contains up to 28 servings/bottle)

Riding ponies: 20 - 25ml per day
(contains up to 50 servings/bottle)

Increased requirement: 50 ml per day
(contains up to 20 servings/bottle)

The liquid can be administered immediately before intense exercise to support the performance of the airways.

Feeding to pregnant mares should be discussed with the attending veterinarian.

Supplementary feed is not a substitute for needs-based, varied feeding and performance-based training of the horse. The specified recommended (daily) dose should not be exceeded in the long term without consulting a treating veterinarian.

Dextrose, Invert Sugar, Propylene Glycol

Analytical components:
Crude Protein 0.05%, Crude Fat 0.40%, Crude Ash 0.32%, Crude Fiber 0.10%, Sodium 0.06%, Moisture 68.70%

Additives per liter:
Sensory additives:
Mixture of flavorings (extracts of thyme, thyme, chestnut, chamomile, fennel, anise) 100,000 mg, strawberry flavoring 100 mg

Technological additives:
Sodium Propionate (1k281), Potassium Sorbate (1k202) 2,000mg, Citric Acid (1a330) 1,000mg, Xanthan Gum (E415)

This product is 100% doping-free (tested according to FEI / ADMR control guidelines).

The feeding recommendations and information on dosage must be observed. If compliance cannot be guaranteed, it is sufficient to discontinue the product 48 hours before the competition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Sehr gute Unterstützung im Sportsommer da dopingfrei. Erhalten meine Pferde regelmäßig vor den Prüfungen. Sie sind damit sehr leistungsfähig und wir hatten seit Jahren keine Probleme mit Husten oder Infekten.

Riecht super. Hilft super.

Sehr gutes Produkt gegen Husten. Ganz besonders jetzt wenn es Richtung Winter geht. Bin sehr zufrieden.


Das Air Active füttere ich seit mehren Monaten um meine Stute mit leichten Atemwegseinschränkungen zu unterstützen. Es hilft uns sehr zuverlässig, muss für Turniere nicht abgesetzt werden und schmeckt ihr auch sehr gut.

Karina Z.
Riecht sehr lecker

Wow, das riecht richtig lecker und schmeckt dem Pferd gut. Zur Vorbeuge im Herbst und Frühjahr füttere ich es regelmäßig. Pluspunkt: Es ist ohne Karenzzeit und kann auch vor dem Turnier gefütert werden.

Sie liebt es !!!

Meine Stute liebt dieses Mittel !
Sie leckt es komplett pur aus ihrer Schüssel und tänzelt schon, wenn sie die Flasche sieht. Kleine Nimmersatt-Stute. Es beugt ihrem leichten Staubhusten im Sommer sehr gut vor.

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