ESS Arthro Herbal

ESS Arthro Herbal

✓ supports the entire locomotor system
✓ with boswellia incense, ginger, curcuma & herbs
✓ applicable for lameness & arthrosis
✓ promotes general mobility
✓ can help to prevent joint inflammation

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Natural Supporter: ESS Arthro Herbal

The first limitations of the musculoskeletal system due to age or illness rarely show up directly with clearly recognizable lameness: In many cases, riders and horse owners only notice minor irregularities in the gait, less expansive steps and a more time-consuming warm-up phase.

Degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis usually develop over a long period of time. Before clearly visible lameness occurs or the horse shows pain when moving, the development is often insidious and undetected. Complete recovery of damaged joints is then no longer possible.

Natural products that can counteract slight pain and inflammation are popular to support a horse with initial limitations due to age-related wear and tear on the joint and ligament structures or due to illnesses and accidents.

How does ESS Arthro Herbal work?

ESS Arthro Herbal is based on natural ingredients and herbs that are said to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects in medicine: willow bark, turmeric, ginger, nettle and frankincense.
The focus here is on alleviating the symptoms of affected horses and making the movements as painless as possible. The further progression of the disease can also be slowed down by the anti-inflammatory active ingredients.

When does my horse need ESS Arthro Herbal?

ESS Arthro Herbal is particularly suitable for horses that already suffer from (advanced) arthrosis and lameness and are less mobile due to pain.
Horses that are less mobile due to accidents and injuries and need to regenerate also benefit from feeding.

Applicable to:

  • for inflammatory processes in the joint (arthritis)
  • with beginning & advanced arthrosis
  • for spavin / ankle inflammation
  • in general lameness
  • after orthopedic treatments
  • after surgery (arthroscopy, chip surgery)
  • after falls and kicks
  • in older horses with movement restrictions

Produkt Informationen

Wissen was drin ist: Wir setzen auf hochkonzentrierte Wirkstoffe, um die tägliche Fütterungsmenge so niedrig wie möglich zu halten. So kommst du lange mit deinem Produkt aus.

Large horses: up tp 100 g per day
(contains up to 30 servings/bucket)

Riding ponies: up to 75 g per day
(contains up to 40 servings/bucket)

Note: Turmeric & ginger have a natural spiciness that many horses have to get used to. We recommend a slow integration into the feed.

Supplementary feed is not a substitute for needs-based, varied feeding and performance-based training of the horse.
The specified recommended (daily) dose should not be exceeded without consulting a treating veterinarian.

Beer grains, corn flour, brewer's yeast, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, willow bark (ground), magnesium oxide, Curcuma longa ( ground), ginger root (ground), linseed oil (cold-pressed)

Analytical components:
16.70% crude protein, 7.40% crude fat , 5.70% crude fiber, 21.70% crude ash, 89.60% dry matter, 4.10% calcium, 0.50% phosphorus, 2.00% sodium, 1.50% magnesium

Additives per kg:
Vitamins, provitamins and chemically defined substances with similar effects: 12,000.00 mg Vitamin E from all rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (3a700i), 3,000.00 mg vitamin C from ascorbic acid (3a300), preservative: 160.00 mg citric acid (1a330), Flavourings: 150.00 mg flavorings (with natural antioxidants), 25,000.00 mg mixture of flavorings (including stinging nettle, boswellia incense)

This product is not doping-free and must therefore be discontinued before participating in a competition.
Waiting period: 48 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Wird gut angenommen

Wir füttern das Arthro Herbal zur zusätzlichen Unterstützung bei Arthrose. Wird einwandfrei angenommen und riecht m.M. nach auch sehr gut. Typische Arthrosesymptome bleiben weiterhin aus :)

Tolles Produkt und top Wirkung

Nach einigen Tagen merkt man deutlich, dass sich das Pferd geschmeidiger bewegt. Freudiger in der Bewegung.
Wird gut angenommen.

Tolle Inhaltsstoffe

Ich war auf der Suche nach einem möglichst natürlichen Kräuterprodukt mit genau diesen Inhaltsstoffen. Ein Produkt der Konkurrenz wurde leider gar nicht gerne gefressen aber dieses Pulver kommt sehr gut an.
Seine Wirkung ist wie beschrieben: das Pferd ist lauffreudiger und Schmerzen sind scheinbar nicht mehr vorhanden.


Ich habe jahrelang mit gutem Erfolg das Arthrostop gefüttert und mußte also auch auf das Herbal wechseln. Es schein genauso gut zu wirken und mein Pferd frisst es gern. Dass der Zuckerzusatz fehlt, begrüße ich wegen der Stoffwechselprobleme sehr, allerdings wäre es schöner, wenn der Ingwer weggelassen würde, da mein Pferd sehr magenempfindlich ist (im Arthrostop war er nicht enthalten). Nur deshalb 1 Stern Abzug.

Gute Ergänzung

Ich habe es immer in Kombination mit anderen Produkten von Ess gefüttert und es wird Trotz der größeren Menge gut angenommen

Frage zum Produkt

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