ESS Omega Oil

ESS Omega Oil

✓ supports skin health
✓ with 8 cold-pressed oils
✓ offers high-quality omega 3-6 fatty acids
✓ for eczema, mallenders, fungi, dandruff, etc
✓ doping-free - FEI & ADMR compliant

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If it itches and scratches: ESS Omega Oil

As the horse's largest organ, the skin has a rather stressful "full-time job" to do for horse health. Diseases of the skin and coat can severely limit the well-being of horses. Horses with summer eczema deserve a special mention, as do horses with severe mallenders, fungal infections or general skin problems .

Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are essential for life but can only be supplied through food. The correct ratio of fatty acids is rarely given in many forms of husbandry and feeding and can lead to skin problems in sensitive horses.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids are a good source of energy, but are particularly responsible for keeping the skin healthy and supple and have a strong immune system by helping to regulate inflammation and promoting wound healing.

How does ESS Omega Oil work?

ESS Omega Oil contains a high-quality composition of a total of eight cold-pressed oils that are excellent sources of essential fatty acids and are easily digestible: walnut oil, safflower oil, salmon oil, wheat germ oil, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, linseed oil and corn oil.
The frankincense extract it also contains has been known as a natural remedy for thousands of years. Modern research has been able to ascribe an anti-inflammatory effect to frankincense (Brosswelia) which can help improve skin health and curb acute inflammatory processes (eczema, mud fever, etc.).

When does my horse need ESS Omega Oil?

ESS Omega Oil is suitable for horses of all ages and performance classes with a tendency to skin problems. As a long-term supporter, the tasty liquid can help improve the skin health of eczema sufferers, promote wound healing of dry and irritated skin and keep skin and coat supple and resilient.
Feeding should be done for at least 3-4 months. In the case of eczema, it makes sense to start feeding well before the stressful summertime.

Applicable to:

  • for general skin problems
  • for dry, scaly & cracked skin
  • with eczema
  • with skin fungus
  • at Mauke
  • for allergic skin reactions
  • for weeping skin wounds
  • with severe itching and chafing
  • in breeds predisposed to eczema
  • to stabilize the skin barrier


Produkt Informationen

Wissen was drin ist: Wir setzen auf hochkonzentrierte Wirkstoffe, um die tägliche Fütterungsmenge so niedrig wie möglich zu halten. So kommst du lange mit deinem Produkt aus.

Large horses: 25 ml per day
(contains up to 40 servings/bottle)

Riding ponies: 15 ml per day
(contains up to 66 servings/bottle)

Intensive treatment for the first 10 days: 50 ml per day
(contains up to 20 servings/bottle)

Supplementary feed is not a substitute for needs-based, varied feeding and performance-based training of the horse. The specified recommended (daily) dose should not be exceeded in the long term without consulting a treating veterinarian.

Cold-pressed linseed oil, safflower oil, salmon oil, corn oil, wheat germ oil, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, walnut oil

Analytical components:
Crude Protein 0.00%, Crude Fat 99.30%, Crude Ash 0.00%, Crude Fiber 0.05%, Sodium 0.00%, Moisture 0.20%

Additives per liter:
Sensory additives:
Frankincense Extract 2,000 mg

This product is 100% doping-free (tested according to FEI / ADMR control guidelines).

The feeding recommendations and information on dosage must be observed. If compliance cannot be guaranteed, it is sufficient to discontinue the product 48 hours before the competition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Ich habe einen Konik mit starkem Sommerekzem. Ich gebe gerade die Kur und es fängt an zu wirken. Er kratzt sich weniger und kommt langsam zu Ruhe. Bin sehr zufrieden

Sehr gut

Kaufe es regelmäßig zur Unterstützung der Haut aber auch um unsere Pferde generell vital zu halten. Überzeugend und gut in der Akzeptanz.


super empfehlung für sommerekzemer

Larissa W.
Pilz + Mauke

Hat unserem Pferd bei einer Pilzinfektion inklusive starker Mauke sehr gut geholfen! Eine Besserung trat bereits nach 14 Tagen auf. Absolut zu empfehlen.
Wie beschriebe, haben wir die ersten 10 Tage 50ml pro Tag gefüttert.

Heike K.
Etwas Gutes für den Senior

Unser mittlerweile 24-jähriger Isi-Wallach hat schon immer Probleme mit Sommerekzem gehabt und wirklich nichts (Salben, Sprays, Decken, Futter, Spritzen) hat wirklich geholfen. Eine Stallkollegin hat viel von ESS und hat mir das Oil empfohlen. Nicht nur, dass er aufgehört hat sich zu scheuern, es geht ihm auch insgesamt wieder viel besser, die Scheuerstellen verheilen langsam und er wirkt insgesamt 10 Jahre jünger. Ich habe jetzt schon die 3.Flasche gekauft und das Gefühl, ihm damit wirklich etwas Gutes zu tun!

PS: Ich nutze zusätzlich auch die ESS Hautpflege-Lotion für die Scheuerstellen.

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