ESS Tendo Sensitive

ESS Tendo Sensitive

✓ supports resilient tendons & ligaments
✓ with collagen & amino acid complex
✓ applicable fin case of tendon & ligament damage
✓ suitable for horses with sensitive stomachs
✓ doping-free - FEI & ADMR tested

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Gentle tendon supporter with collagen: ESS Tendo Sensitive

Tendon damage - a diagnosis causing nightmares for horse owners: It not only needs a long recovery period with severely restricted movement and changed routines but also tends to leave the horse less resilient than before the injury.

Veterinary facilities are seeing an increase in patients with damaged or irritated tendons. On the one hand this is due to the more advanced diagnostic methods that allow problems to be identified at an early stage and on the other hand to the breeding development and keeping of modern sport horses: slim limbs with the most spectacular movements possible take their toll in the long term. Overloading, injuries and premature wear and tear of the locomotor system are now the main reason why horses have to withdraw from active sport or have to recover in the long term.

In addition to feeding in acute cases, preventive treatment with important nutrients to keep tendons and ligaments healthy is particularly important.

How does ESS Tendo Sensitive work?

ESS Tendo Sensitive contains high-quality collagen peptides, chondroitin and glucosamine and an amino acid complex .
As a "structural protein", the body's own collagen gives tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles the elasticity and strength they need to allow movement sequences to run flexibly and stabilized. The horse's body can produce collagen itself at a young age - however, the need for it increases sharply in the event of acute damage or with increasing age, so that additional support makes sense.

Sulfur plays a very important role in keeping the locomotor system healthy, which is why many products for tendons and joints use MSM as an additional source of sulfur. Unfortunately long-term feeding of MSM is not suitable for horses that are particularly sensitive or have a sensitive stomach. For this reason we have integrated stomach-friendly sources of sulfur into the product which can also be easily metabolized by sensitive horses.

When does my horse need ESS Tendo Sensitive?

ESS Tendo Sensitive can be fed preventively to support tendons and ligaments or administered in the case of acute, inflammatory processes and injuries to promote regeneration and healing. The liquid is suitable for sport and leisure horses of all ages.

Applicable to:

  • irritated tendons and ligaments
  • heavy (over)load
  • suspensory damage
  • torn ligaments / meniscus damage
  • after orthopedic treatments
  • after surgery (arthroscopy, chip surgery)
  • after falls and kicks
  • for prevention in stressed (sport) horses
  • for prevention in horses with positional errors

Produkt Informationen

Wissen was drin ist: Wir setzen auf hochkonzentrierte Wirkstoffe, um die tägliche Fütterungsmenge so niedrig wie möglich zu halten. So kommst du lange mit deinem Produkt aus.

Large horses: 20 - 30 ml per day
(contains up to 50 servings/bottle)

Riding ponies: 15 - 20 ml per day
(contains up to 66 servings/bottle)

Intensive treatment: 50 ml per day - 3-4 weeks
(contains up to 20 servings/bottle)

Supplementary feed is not a substitute for needs-based, varied feeding and performance-based training of the horse.
The specified recommended (daily) dose should not be exceeded without consulting a treating veterinarian.

Collagen Peptide, Propylene Glycol, Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine

Analytical components:
Crude Protein 12.50%, Crude Fat 0.00%, Crude Ash 0.50%, Crude Fiber 0.00%, Sodium 0.08%, Moisture 86.50%

Additives per liter:
Nutritional additives: DL-Methionine , technically pure (3c301) 10,000 mg, L-Threonine (3c410) 4,000 mg, L-Isoleucine (3c3.8.1) 2,000 mg
Sensory additives: L-arginine (2b17003) 2,000 mg, L-valine (2b17028) 2,000 mg, L-leucine (2b17012) 2,000 mg, banana flavor 1,000 mg
Technological additives: sodium propionate (1k281), potassium sorbate (1k202) 2,000 mg, citric acid (1a330) 700 mg, xanthan gum (E415)

This product is 100% doping-free (tested according to FEI / ADMR control guidelines).

The feeding recommendations and information on dosage must be observed. If compliance cannot be guaranteed, it is sufficient to discontinue the product 48 hours before the competition.

Customer Reviews

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Nadine J.
Sehr zufrieden

Ein hochwertiges Produkt, was bei einem Bandschaden wahre Wunder gewirkt hat. Die Zusammensetzung ist sehr interessant und in meinen Augen vielfach gelungener als bei der Konkurrenz.

Super hilfreich

Wer ein Pferd mit Sehnenschaden hat muss das hier unbedingt füttern. Schwergradiger Schaden mit sehr negativer Prognose ist in Rekordzeit ausgeheilt mit nur verhältnismäßig wenig Narbenbildung. Das Ultraschall zeigt es ganz deutlich. Mein Tierarzt war auch extrem begeistert davon 🥰


Hat sich bei einem Sehnenschaden dieses Frühjahr top bewährt. Die Kontrolle sieht sehr gut aus und es ist so gut wie kein Narbengewebe an der Sehne entstanden!!

Super hilfreich

Super hilfreich bei einer sehr starken Sehnenreizung diesen Winter. Die Kontrollergebnisse sehen toll aus und das Training geht wieder los.
Sehr zu empfehlen.

Tolle Unterstützung

Sehr gut bei Sehnenschäden. Hat uns unglaublich gut geholfen und es ist für meinen Wallach ein riesen großer Vorteil, dass es für magensensible Pferde geeignet ist.

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